Snoop Lion's Beautiful

It's time to feed our family ladies!

Hot Pockets is trying one thing that seems to be West Coast Cool for the Hip-Hop World! Their little convenient boxes of Hot Pockets have always worked to satisfy hungry crazed family members. From kids to adults these snacks have made families choose their delicious varieties from the grocers freezer. Lunchtime, dinner time, you name it. These fun filled goodies are perfect anytime of the day. A new day has definitely arrived for Hot Pockets!

A video, starring  West Coast Rapper Snoop Lion a.k.a. Snoop Doggy Dog, has surfaced via the Internet. Snoop Lion is doing his thing, in a big way, to the tune of his very familiar mega hit, Drop It Like It's Hot. He cleverly replaces Drop with Pocket. You get it right? Hot Pocket! Listen to Snoop, and the guys rap and see the girls do their dance.

We can believe that Snoop Lions choice to participate in this creative advertisement is changing the perception of his character in the eyes of women everywhere. Just as his hit Beautiful did, this food ad is giving the famous rapper a chance to rebrand himself. Admit it, there is a lot of hype surrounding his so called pimpish ways. When he made the song Beautiful , women were talking romance and compassion. Hot Pockets may not scream romance outright, but here's what we can infer from the advertisement.

___ Life gets busy
___ We crave for convenience

Technology plays a role in satisfying that desire. For example, we use modern devices and digital technology to stay connected with family, friends and business contacts. Even more vital is the role convenience plays within your home life. Think about what Snoop is really saying with this ad for a minute. Snoop is telling women, moms, and the rest of the world that he is not hard to please. He's ultimately saying, "I'm easy! All you need to do is make me a sandwich or give me (something) Hot Pockets to pop in the microwave and I'm good. Taking it a little further, Snoop loves cartoons, so he is probably that guy sitting with the kids watching cartoons and playing NBA2K13 on the game console too. What woman does not appreciate an easy going attitude, especially when it comes to a few quick meals? Mealtime made easy is cool anytime of the day! Fellows take notes! Women, all we need to remember is that Snoop Lions Professional life is just that. His work, his livelihood, his job is all it is! His personal life is separate. He has proven that he is a great father and committed husband. Didn't y'all watch his reality show? Snoop Lion is living by the words of his song. He is himself beautiful! Anyone up for a Hot Pocket? Hummus is a great dip idea!