This just in! The Brand Love On Our Thanksgiving Table looked a lot like this, according to My Voice Community Insights.

This year, we didn't have to look far to count our blessings in my home. The Thanksgiving meal was more than enough to confirm that we had lots to be thankful for. Turkey and dressing always end up being the food items that we eat most and the ones that are most popular in my home. Butterball Turkey is usually what I choose to prepare on Thanksgiving, when my budget permits. I have even tried their Pre-cooked Smoked Turkey and boy is it good. As far as dressing, I go homemade all the way. Meat, seasoning, broth, and finely grinned gizzards make up for a dressing that is more than tasty. Although Stove Top ended up being the most popular dressing in the My Voice Community, Jiffy Cornbread Mix has always been a favorite in my household. It's what my Mother always used and I love it too! Cranberry is not my favorite choice as a side dish, even when I am keeping it simple. Candied Yams would be my first choice, if I was not going to go with veggies. This year was extra special because my 22 year old Son purchased Thanksgiving Dinner and I did not have to spend a dime. I hope you found lots of things to be Thankful for this past we and that you continue to count your blessings.

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Source: My Voice (A Private Community)