"We Imagine that her sauce smells like Soul Food"

There is no confusion or change of plans associated with the release of Kelis' Food Album. She is still planning to lace the game with the game with music this April.

We got a taste of what's to come with her Jerk Ribs Release. We are just waiting for more music appetizers to make up the complete music meal, from a more seasoned Kelis.

We are not worried that Kelis won't deliver. Adding up Mommy, wife, Chef, and Songstress can mean only one thing! She is about her business and ready to give us the goods. Kelis has us on this riding like forever, as she holds gentlemen down with her Stick Up Song, winning their heart with her Mafia love. We are still riding everyday too with an eager anticipation.

If the wheels happen to fall off, rolling with Kelis will still be our only option. From Earth to Mars, true fans will always remain KRL (Kelis Rogers Loyal). It's our only option!

Kelis has not given her fans any pet names, spreading her sweetness like Mrs. Sugar (Tamar Braxton) but her love is obvious in song. After all, she reminded us to Emancipate ourselves on her last album. We did it too and she kept us dancing and electrified, as we moved to her Rock and Metal alternative sound. On thing is for sure, we can not put her in a box musically. The Acapella Songstress does her own thing.

The latest on Kelis is her other love, food. No not her album again. It's her sauces! A casual mention in her BBC Interview with Lauren Laverne hinted in the direction of sauces and hearty food being Kelis favs. Now it seems that some of us will be drizzling our meat, potatoes, biscuits, and rices with some Kelis.

The singing sensation released the above photo on her Instagram alluding to the fact that we can expect sauces to hit the market soon. There is no word on the demographic area or specific locations for Kelis' drizzle in a bottle. However, she did make an appearance with a pal wearing a tee shirt that read "Feast On This". We believe that is a clue to a new beginning for the star. On this Memorable Monday, we are asking you to recall Emancipate. We had to touch on it and we want you to do the same.Tell us about it in the comment section!

Do you think naming her album Food is a marketing stunt to help promote the sale of her sauces?