Cooking is always a big part of New years in my household. The traditional routine over the years, since as far back as I can remember has been to cook black eye peas and something green (cabbage or greens).

I found a great recipe on the Gianda De Laurentiis Website for Italian Fried Olives a few months ago. It was something fresh and new and I’m so thrilled that I tried them. They tasted absolutely delicious. They were a hit in my household.

Traditions can be an important aspect of family life, but every now and then they need to be remixed, just like your favorite outfit.

Adding in Fried Olives as an appetizer would be fun and you can still adhere to your old traditions. Watch the video to see an active demonstration of how it’s done using fresh olives.

What are you preparing for your family this New Years? Upload your photos in the comment section so we can see how you will be chowing down in 2014! Happy, Happy New Years!!!!

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