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Not solid gold rich.Golden baked rich. Life's rich!

Ritz Crackers were my Great Aunts favorite! As she aged, stopped going on her once a month shopping sprees and let others cater to her needs. Of course she didn't mind paying for the convenience either but at age 95 there was no changing her routine or tastebuds. That's why, she wouldn't eat any other cracker brand. I knew not to even try to bring a substitute; she would not eat it.

Lately, I have been drinking lots of Lipton Barvarian Wild Berry Black Tea. This flavor is slouch better than the Lipton Tea my Mom bought in the can. When I was growing up, Lipton was something my Mother kept on hand and prepared nice and cold, stored in a Rubbermaid Picture inside of the fridge. My Daddy preferred buying juice from Publix. I'm really a fan of those little tea bags because the flavor is so much more defined and potent. The aroma is really fruity too. The fresh brewed taste has won me over. I like mine chilled and served ice cold.

After I mentioned how much I like the Barvarian Wild Berry Flavor a friend mentioned that she had been sipping on hot lemon water because of the health benefits. I had only been aware of lemon water being used to decrease appetite and more recently to promote a blemish free complexion. Though, I didn't originally purchase my Black Tea as a remedy, I learned that Black Tea reduces the growth of bacteria in the mouth which helps to reduce the likelihood of tooth decay and it also helps prevent bad breath. Who knew?

I guess owning The Doctors Book Of Food Remedies so really paying off for me after all.  Since I would like to keep my teeth for as long as possible, I knew that drinking tea would be a regular part of my routine.  Then, I started to think that I any as well start to enjoy some Ritz Crackers with my tea, every now and then.  After all, Ritz were my Great Aunt's favorite and they are a tasty rich cracker!  Yes, tea and crackers!  I intend to enjoy my tea and crackers like they are wine and crackers.

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