Red Bull Kiwi Twist

1. Red Bull Kiwi Twist is the perfect change from your regular Red Bull to boost your Summer Energy and energize you through your busy days and nights. It's a new way to quench your thirst and reentergize so that you perform at your best.

Photo Credit: CBS

2. Red, White and Blue Skittles get us ready for Memorial Day, The Forth of July. The patriotic candy colors also add a little sweetness to those times when Trump and Hillary are slinging mud, claiming the other is unqualified and to serve as leader of the free world. Though their only available until the end of July, adding some allegiance to your candy hour, may help you think sweet thoughts.
Photo Credit: Potatoe Pro

3. Lays Buscuits & Gravy Potatoe Chips makes me think of a down south southern breakfast. The flavor was created by Hailey Green, the million dollar winner of The Lays Do Us A Flavor Contest.

Beverages and snacks are a must have for any road trips or summer entertainment outings. That's all. Kudo's.