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Let's take the concept of what's on your plate and explore it using a few different concepts. Our expectation here at Abornewords is that you will enjoy all it has to offer.

This season and into the New Year is always so festive. From gifts and mealtime to drinks and ringing in the New Year, we are enjoying the celebrations as the New year approaches.

The microwave turned amateur chef What's On Your Plate Concept

Mealtime may be a little bit different for all of us, like in the movie Soul Food, dinner time brings us together in more ways than one. Think on this for few minutes. You will most likely identify with the idea of a person who rarely cooks anything complicated, even if you have never been on the other sided of this scenario. Not that there's anything wrong with quick meals either. We can all take a few pages from Rachael Rays Cookbooks for those 30 minute meal masterpieces she whips up. The shocker happens when the 30 minute meal maven suddenly goes all out! That's when everyone starts talking in the family. The mind clouds read something like this: I didn't know she could cook a real meal. Yep. There's meat on the plate and everything. The chef should take a bow. Sounds familiar? Well good for the 30 minute chefs.

The busy with lots of things to do What's On Your Plate Concept

Shopping a big deal around this time of year. Once all the gifts are opened and wrapping paper ripped to shreds (for the good little boys & girls) there is a renewed obsession that kicks off almost immediately. Into high gear, it's the hunt for the biggest deals going craze! A lot of shoppers will bwe visiting their favorite Department Stores. This is the ideal time to shop, especially for those of you who make it a habit to start storing away gifts early, for those 2013 special occasions. Decorating and remodeling will be going on in many households again real soon. Spring cleaning time is quickly approaching too. Many of you will pick a time from Jan.-Mar. to spruce up the crib. The trend is to either add new furniture, bed spreads, or cute wall décor. Hey, whatever your budget allows is what will truly guide the extent of how you change things up. Just try not to forget that being prepared, for all of those birthdays the will soon be here again, is much better than last minute shopping any day.

The it's a brand new me "What's On Your Plate" Concept

This time of year can be considered a time of preparation. On taking the out with the old is not only reserved for fashion and décor. A quick look in mirror may e all it takes for you to realize that a change must come. Self introspection can pay off too. There's nothing wrong with trying to improve who you are, but proceed with caution. Don't be to hard on yourself. Setting goals is easy. The hard part is recognizing what is realistic for you. A Life Coach doesn't have to beat you over the head to make you understand your own limits. My own life experience often helps me in all aspects of life. Although, talking to someone can help you to gain new perspective, the decision and direction of you goals will ultimately be made by you. Starting small always helps. It's often the small accomplishments that get you motivated toward your larger goals. The ones that take more time and effort are next up.

Your focus may be on anything from organization to weight loss to better budgeting for the upcoming year. What you focus on really does not matter. How you structure and plan your agenda is what is key. The worst mistake anyone can make is not setting any goals at all. One Working Mother Editor's article confirms the importance of creating a map for yourself. Skeptical about life's to do list? Just think of it as ideas on how to figue out the way to your next steps. The "What's On Your Plate concept has taken you from the kitchen to redecorating to spring cleaning and finally goal setting. Let's hope that following through on the things you have planned for your life and family in the coming year, all add up to a better you. Best wishes and confetti filled Kudos to you and your family now and throughout 2013. "What's On Your Plate"?


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