Just when you thought women had it all figured out with their strategy to get their men and their rings, boyfriends started to wise up to the tune of G. Garvin.

Your sweet music may be a little different than your best friends, but it is still valuable and important. The foundation helping to hold some couples together is sweet like chocolate chips. Some guys don't mind putting on their apron G. Garvin Style, to warm the heart of their girls. Check out what I mean.

This cuddle buddy is not packing pistols or repping his hood. Instead, he is baking up a little love. Chocolate Chip Cookies are American like Apple Pie, so we know he racked up lots of cool points. Now, there are many ways to do Chocolate Chip Cookies. The important thing to include is variety. He got it right by serving up double flavor in crunchy, chocolate chip and chewy chocolate chip. You can't go wrong with variety, and his Garvin ways provided his sweetheart with a choice.

Take notes all you gangsters out there. There is nothing wrong with a rough neck but your game has to consist of something more than just your street swagger.

Are you that guy who is securing your spot with sweet goodies or that chic getting lots of love from your guy?

Get a look at the man behind some of Atlanta's best cuisine in the post below.