Like Chocolate Potato Chips

Finding new ways to make everyday desserts look and taste better becomes easier when using chocolate thins.

Making homemade desserts is the down home way to create yummy sweet treats for the whole family. Except, who has time to turn into Martha Stewart at every dinner? Taking the Rachael Ray 30 minute meal approach, where dessert is concerned, seems more appropriate for busy lifestyles. Three words come to mind. Ice cream, chocolate thins, and flavor. Here's a look at a garnish that will make taking shortcuts worth your while.

Busy moms learn how to cheat in the kitchen all the time. A scented pumpkin spice candle, an ie box pie, a Pepperidge Farm Coconut Cake, and boxed cake mixes. No matter what tools you use to wow your family, the point is, how are you making meal time and dessert more delightful. A memorable experience is what crates moments that will be shared for years to come, becoming family traditions.

Chocolate Thins can be eaten alone or used as a garnish on your favorite desserts. They taste great! The consistency is as thin as a potato chip, packed with bursting, rich chocolate flavor. They deliver a surprising crunch too. Using chocolate thins as a garnish is more fun. Ice cream is a favorite @Abornewords. You can use your delicious thins to decorate in so many ways.

    1. add to muffins/cupcakes
    2. Use as a base for whipped cream topping and fruit (strawberries please)
    3. Add as an extra treat along side of your cream pie
ideas 1,2, and 3 are an adaptation from the Belgain Thins website/Delish packaging

Using your thins to make dessert more fun while also reducing preparation time is more fun than you can imagine. Now you have another cheating tool up your sleeve. Cheating in the kitchen with chocolate thins is quick, fun, and easy. Give your family something to share for years to come. Make thins a part of your family traditions.


Kraft's Cool Whip is putting the color and flavor into their heavenly garnish with the new Cool Whip Frosting flavored in chocolate, cream cheese, and vanilla. Check your grocers freezer for that obsession and awaken your taste buds.

The little Buddy Fruits are a great way to boost up lunch surprises. Having a quick good for you sugar buzz is easy to do with those little fruity gummy bites. You will score major points with your kids too! Try them in your own lunch bag too. You will certainly want to purchase more. Walmart has the goods.

@Abornewords encourages you to create well balanced diets by getting your fruits and veggies in. We also want you to remember that a little bit of something sweet doesn't hurt. Try out the @Delish Belgain Chocolate Thins. You'll love 'em!