Photo Credit: BET

The Soul Train Awards honored many Artist on their platform a couple of weeks ago and we applaud all of the nominees and winners and also those who were not named during the award show. Being an Artist is about expression and in doing so people often relate in one way or another. The woman who made the idea of telling a partner to come get you famous with her 'Call Tyrone Suggestion" was chosen to host the Award Show and she expressed herself, speaking on everything from Trump to aliens, according to TV Weekly Now. She did all of this before she put on a comedic and creative performance with Neo Soul Artist India Arie.

What got our attention her at Abornewords was the image shown above. It was not her similarity to The Hatter in Alice In Wonderland that peaked out interest but the lipstick she was wearing which looked like a color from Sephora called Private Boudoir. The deep blue color has become one of my favorites lately and I wear it often because it brings out my skintone and is so close to purple another favorite of mine. I was wearing it in a recent photo I took while visiting my Sister in New Orleans and my Brothers in Louisiana.  For those of you who knew me from the St. Thomas Housing Project, yes I have a Sister.  Check us out below smiling like besties.

There were smiles happening between Erykah Badu and India Arie when they performed on stage together during the Soul Train Awards. Watch their performance below.

That's all. Kudos...