Steve McQueen

My little side dishes will always keep you informed and entertained. Treating every new trend like a scoop of desert means that you get little extras. The new extra that Esquire Magazine xs pushing In this month's issue is the weird men phenomenon.

From the kind of beer to drink with a sandwich to lightbulb shaped heads and advice on being a little more choosy about encasing your finest jewels, Esquire didn't miss a beat. As I skimmed through the contents, I knew it was something to this weird men phenomenon and that something would have to be eccentric enough to get me through (MaHB) man at his best with Steve McQueen and Jimmy Fallon and on to Kid Cudi's breakout highlight in the spotlight.

Amid ads from Armani, Gucci, Prada and Dolce & Gabanna there's lots of guy appeal that will make you look twice. To properly give you a brief look into man's weirdness, sharing our own little grand tour is a must. Here's the weird that we can't get around!

Encasing your dearest jewels does not mean finding a cute little jewelry box or one of those odd looking mannequin jewelry holders to hold your favorite bling. Just ask Chris Jones, the brilliant guy who brainstormed some areas of concern men face when choosing their David Beckham's. (smiling) He talked boxers and briefs while getting his jockey and Fruit of the Loom on before peaking at a brand name end, Calvin Klein.

Chris Jones may have opened the private door but my medical background in Nursing prepared me to deal with such a shocker! After following diagram arrows and spread reading Chris' Grand Tour, I concluded the best thing about his male undies style share is boxer briefs. With those little miracles, guys get a little tighty white action and more of the classic boxer design.

Though, the kind of truth offered by Twelve Years A Slave could offend and anger some members of the Black Community, for Director Steve McQueen, it is not about anger or confrontation. The 44 year old believes it's about engaging all types of communication in the style of debate. That seems to be his creative and informative approach. McQueen said, "the audience wanted to communicate with it" (speaking of Twelve Years A Slave). Interviewer Scott Raab called the relationship shared between a Director and Actor, a wonderful marriage. Besides McQueen's refusal to drive, his movie Hunger defines his weirdness most. In the light of Hollywood, it draws attention to a different side of the hug e r epidemic. Instead of being told from the perspective of a starving nation, Hunger takes centerstage focusing on ten prisoners who starve to death.

The finale of our grand tour brings us to a sharply dressed man in a suit, Jimmy Fallon. Fallon's weird finds him in the character of many men doing his spot-on-impersonations. Chris Jones is at it again! This time he's using Jimmy Fallon's moment on the floor with Bill Cosby to tell Esquire Readers why Jimmy Fallon deserves to move up to a higher level in his career saying "I believe he has earned everything he has received" by being observant and listening well.

Fallon is talented enough to impersonate Bill Cosby and his weird seems to be working g for him. Soon he will take his act to The Tonight Show, serving as the new late night host.

almost unbelievable that I have managed to get you here but alas, here we are at Kid Cudi's breakout moment. The light of the stars are shining all over him. Anticipation is building for his movie debut. Prepare to enjoy yourself, this March, watching his street racing thriller, Need For Speed. Although there is some wonder about how good he will perform on the big screen, his successful career as Hip-Hop Artist should help. 

Kid Cudi has 3 studio albums under his belt. The latest release is his Indicud. Kid Cudi's Two Night Stand is due in theaters later this year. That was weird fun. What guys are good enough to be considered a phenomenon and would they make up your weird list?

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