As much as we love Maritza Lugo, we felt compelled to share Dave Whamond with you, in part, for his stairwell humor and also because his Reality Check Humor has clearly made us remember the ding-dong humor of Jennifer Freeman, the Actress who played Claire Kyle on My Wife And Kids. We simply offer this image and a link to Dave Whamond's February 27th Humor.

Dave Whamond's Stairwell Humor

We need to remember to laugh every now and then so that we can maintain our position somewhere between normal and insanity. We have chosen to share a little humor to help you along, as you embark on your own journey to meet life's challenges.

The humor coming from Claire Kyle did not always come from the things see said. Her body movements, facial expressions and her occasional topple down the stairs were more than enough to keep us laughing. Her clumsiness is the one flaw that makes her human and relatable.

Dave Whamond is one of our favorite Illustrators here at Abornewords. He has managed to make everyday circumstances and awkward occurrences seem funny using Cartoon Illustrations to paint funny pictures with realistic captions.

Dave Whamond believes there is nothing else to do but draw cartoons. He studied Visual Communications at Alberta College of Art. Here's what he had to say about his participation in Reality Check.

"I just frame some of the silliness of everyday life in the comic and invite people to take a double-take to look at life from another angle". Dave Whamond has created illustrations in various Children's Books. You can also purchase prints of his comic creations on the Gocomics Website and have them framed for home and office decor.

Just in case you need a visual to make the connection between Dave Whamond's Illustration and Jennifer Freemans Funny, checkout the video.