Okay, I have been a bit preoccupied with my continuing education and I have put my Blogging duties on hold for personal and professional development. Just know that I will always be sharing informative and entertaining content. There are quite a few things on my agenda for upcoming post. Hair Accessories won the coin toss up and a new comic strip I have developed an interest in lost and will be listed in a later post. After all, with short haircuts like mine, I am always looking for a way to girl up and show off fun and feminine, not that I’m lacking any curves but you know….. Adults tend to downplay gaming after they have either stopped playing their favorite games or found new vices to obsess about and so called grown up. Gaming is not only used to keep employees engaged and connected to work related stuff. Gaming is being used by Celebrities, Fashion Brands and more who all want to stay connected to fans, increase sales or just create Brand Awareness.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Board Games and handheld games were the things that kept me and my Brothers occupied when we could not socialize with friends. Yes, I grew up in the era when the Mini Pac Man games, Atari’s, and Gameboys were everything. Then came Nintendo and saving the Princess and we were all so amazed. I started to think about gaming more when I became a Blue Shirt at Best Buy, where I worked as Customer Service Specialist. House Of Cards and Kevin Spacey got my attention when I was completing some video game training for Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare. I made the connection between Celebrities and television and knew they were onto something.

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

When I shared the game details, I talked about how Call Of Duty would put Gamers into a position of leadership to make decisions on the fly and how playing the game was like putting the gamer in a position to use their own Red Button. Today I want to tell you about the Covet Fashion Game available for Android and iOS for Apple products too while also sharing what I learned about hairstyles and headbands. There’s a style for Hippie Headbands, Retro Headbands, Tiaras, and Diamond Boho Chain Headbands.

Photo Credit: Covet Fashion

For example, Hippie Headbands are great for Shaved Side and Dread Head styles. Retro headbands and Diamond Boho Chain Headbands work well with Afro Ponies and long and layered hair. The game goes far past playing dress up and allows you to learn about popular items available from Fashion Brands like Nicole Miller, Rachel Zoe, Shoes Of Prey, Vince Camuto, Christian Dior and many more you can even shop your favorite items while you play and learn. There are over 500,000 active users having fun and learning while becoming aware of fashion brands daily. To find out more about the Covet Fashion Game, download the app. If you would like to try out headbands to change your look a bit, Capelli New York Headbands are available at Stein Mart where I work as a Service Associate. That’s all. Kudo’s….