Reality Check by Dave Whamond
Reality Check by Dave Whamond (clipped to

The daily hustle and bustle of work can be exhausting to say the least. Swollen ankles and aching feet that burn from treading here and there. The only comfort that you really have is in knowing that you performed at your best in all situations. Oh, a nice pay check helps too. Accomplishing goals and financial compensation are enough to make you happy. Still rewards and accomplishments may not be enough to get you to your happy place.

You may need some other escape to really get you to the solace you need. Once you've figured out that you need more, in your mind, you paint the perfect picture. You see yourself reclining or walking on a beach someplace sunny, getting sand between your toes. The oceans cool water is bathing your feet and all is happy in your world.

Thinking of rest and relaxation moments while you are in the breakroom is how you meditate to separate yourself from movement, pain, and irritation.

Before you got to your happy place, you knew what reality was but refused to accept it. Although , in your mind you clearly understood that there would be tough days. You just knew how to get to the place where your feet and mindset could be happy.

Russell Simmons has fully embraced getting to a place of still. In fact, he has put his advice and meditation practices into words in his best selling book entitled Success Through Stillness, Russell Simmons with Chris Morrow.

Here's an excerpt ..

"Why should you meditate? The answer is very simple: to be happy.Which is the only reason you're here. That may sound like a very simple task on the meaning of life, but I believe it with every fiber in my body. Yes, I'm certain that if we were to strip away our egos, desires, fears, and insecurities, all that will be left is happiness. There are days when we feel like we can almost touch this truth. Days where when we wake up, the sun seems to be shining a little brighter, the birds are singing a little bit louder, and we walk out into the world with a bounce in our step and a song in our heart. Yet, there are also days when we start out nervous about what lies ahead of us, unsure about the situation were about to encounter"

There you have the contrast. Russell Simmons described it a little different than I did earlier. Yet, all of the examples share commonalities and show a change in state of mind. The point is to figure out how you will get to your happy place of stillness, rest and relaxation.

Now, all you really have to decide is weather you want to be sitting in your recliner or enjoying the waves of the ocean. Okay, so paint your own picture. BTW (by the way) the H is for happy!