The fact that Ivanka Trump is the but of jokes in a new SNL (Saturday Night Live) Skit should not be a surpirse to anyone who believes Ivanka Trump's support of her Father is wrong and down right malicious. Sounds kind of silly right? In the video below, you can observe how SNL is poking fun at the Fashion Mogul.

Grown ups can be just as ruthless as kids at teasing and making fun of people who have different values and views. That being said, SNL's comedic approach has been crazy ever since their days with Comedian Eddie Murphy and I don't think they are going to change for our new POTUS (President Of The United States) or his lovely Daughter Ivanka. We will have to either express our support or disdain and then use our free speech to express it or not. However, the SNL Skit is an indication that many Americans may see Ivanka Trump as part of The Trump Administration Hierarchy because of her beliefs or support for her Father. After all, Donald Trump represents Americans, even with his policies, he has to gain the support of our Congressmen and Senators before any bill (law) is passed. Forget about Executive Orders for now; we have to focus on this SNL Skit and how Ivanka is being portrayed as someone who is supporting the so called wrongdoing of her Father. Is believing in some of her Fathers policies wrong? Does having a political view make her an accomplish to wrongdoing?  Remember, controversy is what politics is built on.

No matter what news is being exploited by the media about Ivanka Trump, we are still selling the Ivanka Trump Fragrance and clothing, at Stein Mart, where I work as a Service Associate. As of last week, I saw the fragrance and some Ivanka Trump Clothing on racks. We are not Nordstrom so please don't get confused.

The mirror image, in the video, insinuates that we should see Ivanka Trump as a reflection of her Father and his policies. Whatever beliefs anyone forms, after viewing the video, should not be bias. What is obvious is, Ivanka Trump may have to do some PR work to help change public perception so that Americans will see her as an individual. Being a Business Mogul with her own Website, Blog, and Brand is a great start. She has the platform and products to continue to build and influence, creating her own lane away from Pennsylvania Ave and all of her Father's political policies. Do you think the SNL Skit should be called a Perfume Ad? I think not. That's all. Kudos....

Source: Huffington Post