We are asking you to save your laughter about what Lailah Muhammad is doing  in the video and think a little deeper for a moment or at least until you finish reading this  Blog Post.

Just when we thought the dopest thing about Lailah Muhammad was her ability to conquer and slay Beyoncé's dance moves, we find out that she's a woman of many talents.

Add to her credit News Anchor and Professor and you will easily realize that she can do more than pop, twist, turn and shoulder check us with neck attitude.

After discovering this video and other content shared by our Opinion Leaders, I realized that much of what seems to be just worldly things, is actually the very content causing us to think a bit deeper and we can not avoid thinking about religion. No matter what we believe we may start to feel just a little bit more holy among all the sin

Here's what we uncovered

Rapper BTY Young'N won Best New Artist at The NOLA Awards last year in October. His song entitled I Know The Way is proof that he deserved the honor. His content is not always superficial. After seeing this video, we felt a little more holy over here at Abornewords.

Then Global Grind's Xilla Valentine captured commentary from more of our Opinion Leaders as they poked fun at Kim Kardashian, someone who is often accused of being famous for having no talent. Everyone thought when she tweeted "The Pope is dope" that it was funny but now we are showing that even something that seems irrelevant can have more meaning and significance than we may have recognized in the beginning. In the video that tweet is only one of many that get trolled in this Socially Decoded share. Among the naked jokes related to Kardashians selfies and her time sipping tea with Tennis Great Serena Williams, we felt just a bit more holy.

Then there was Leah Remini's exit from Scientology causing a stir and talk of Jennifer's support of her long time friend amid rumors that the church was seeking to recruit Jennifer Lopez during the Tom Cruise Wedding Celebration. After seeing this video and multiple news outlets showing Jennifer Lopez supporting Leah Remini's, we now know that J Lo cares about more than just dancing and we felt just a bit more holy.

New Yorker Magazine latest cover art features none other than Civil Activists, Malcolm X. We thought that was pretty cool in light of a new book called Blood Brothers, a book that sheds light on the secret friendship between him and the Boxing Great Muhammaud Ali

After all this you may be feeling like us over here at Abornewords, just a little more holy.

Alrhough some of us may not be into church, it's still nice to know that the some things we indulge in can sort of chastise us and give us subtle reminders that we should remember God and be ready to choose. What makes you feel a bit more holy.


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