Celebration time can be even more fun for our kids when we include the Superheroes/characters they love into the mix of their educational and entertainment experiences. It's all about connecting to the people/brands we love and children usually do so without even thinking about brand loyalty or popularity. They know what they like and always make sure that we know it too,so we know what to buy them, right?

If you think back to your childhood, I'm sure you watched cartoons, just like I did, back in the days when Tom & Jerry, Speed Racer and Bugs Bunny ruled. Back then, we did not have cable or the luxury of having access to the vast amont of channels available today. The Disney Channel and Nickelodeon Channel were foreign to me. Today that's not the case; cartoons and all the mischief the animated characters are all over channels like Disney and Nickelodeon. I still like to watch all types of animation. In fact, I watched Rio 2 recently and those birds and their lifestyles in the wilderness. Yeah, I'm guilty, I still like cartoons just like Snoop Lion.

My Great Niece Jazz ( Jasmine) and my Great Nephews, recently had a chance to celebrate and Team Umizoomi was front and center. Here is a picture of the Character Themed Cake and as you can see above, they are happy.

Mommy Snugg is responsible for putting those smiles on their faces and using Umizoomi is what helped her to do it. Recently, we shared information on Team Umizoomi which included Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey. Team Umizoomi offers children so much more though. At Best Buy, we offer many educational games featuring the characters. It's obvious that our kids can their favorite characters and also associate them with learning experiences. I'm impressed with these educational buddies.

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