Comdian Monique To Host Love & Hip Hop New York Reunion
Comdian Monique To Host Love & Hip Hop New York Reunion by abornewordsnkp on Polyvore

There she is seated in her LBD front and center with her hair up in a bun, looking as good as ever. It's Monique y'all! She's back in our faces to host a sit down with the cast of Love & Hip-Hop New York. Are you sad it's not the Atlanta Cast?

Well, let's at least try to be happy that the happy mother of twins is back on television and ready to share her oomph kay with us. The star has been real low key since the cancellation of her B.E.T. late night show.

Focusing on her health and dropping quite a few pounds, she is blending in well with the ladies of New York. It's no surprise that the VH1 Network wants to change things up a bit and bring in a fresh, familiar superstar like Monique to give us all the cheesy details surrounding the ladies and gents of New York. The two part special airs tonight again on February 10th.

It's all love with us here at Abornewords, even if we are more hyped about the news of a Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta return, due this May.

Who is your favorite Reality TV Star and will you be watching tonight?