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The Man Right Chea, AKA Mystikal, made a name for himself by showing off his fast rap flow, starting out on The No LImit Label with Master P. After being released from prison, he continues to rebuild his career and seems to be doing a pretty good job. From doing shows and appearing at different venues, he is keeping the demand for his services up. The Rapper will star in Side Piece in what some call a movie and others a documentary. The flick is described as a Documentary on iTunes and that does not mean it wont be just as entertaining as a movie. I watched The Ruby McCullom Story on the Urban Movie Channel. It was as entertaining as a movie would have been with real people giving their accounts of what happened with McCulloms life, affairs, and court case. Side Piece will surely be as entertaining either way. The synopsis describes it as a flick that will show off the dynamic of relationships in what is usually called a love triangle, when three people are involved. Thus, the term side piece and defining the role each woman plays in the mans life is of the utmost importance. The writer aims to peak interest by claiming the flick will explore the psychology behind the love triangle and its affect on the institution of marriage, divorce, and perception of those in on the love secret. Comparisons will be made on how modern times has changed the perception of side piece.

What I understand from the trailer and the oddest issue is the looming idea that man has to be having sex with both women. This film, documentary or what ever you choose to call it, makes me thankful that Southside With You will be out soon. Instead of detailing cheating, lies, and dysfunctional relationships, it will retell the first date of The Obamas and how their love blossomed into a healthy marriage. Instead of #SidePiece, I would rather tweet using #RelationshipGoals. What about you?

Southside With You Tika Sumpter, Parker Sawyers Directed by Richard Tanne Photo by Pat Scola