The moment we all have been waiting for is almost here. Nice Gunz is speaking to us in a video. The disappointing thing is that he is not Rapping on some crazy beat. The New Orleans breed Rapper is however, giving us a look inside his creative, talking a bit about the origin of his Rap Name and sharing everything from the number of his Ward to music influences.

He is under the cloth of hood life, as he's looking real relaxed seated on a very comfy looking sofa wearing a RYDA MUZIK Snapback. Nice Gunz let's fans in on his upbringing in the 11th Ward and talks about how he came up around drugs. He remembers to shout out his Father, who is currently incarcerated.

Mentioning BG, Master P, and Soulja Slim helps to call attention to popular New Orleans sound. All three of those Rappers have a distinctive sounding voice and so does Nice Gunz. The "Baby Choppa" Rapper didn't stop there either, attributing part of his creative direction to Menace 2 Society's Spice 1.

Nice Gunz also talked about how Manager, Geedy P, speaking of his relationships connections and how he put things together to help launch his career.

Keeping it real and speaking from the heart is how Nice Gunz describes his method of delivering lyrics. The album includes quite a few skits, according to the Ima Keep It Hood Rapper. Skits are a great way to speak briefly on a subject and get fans ready for other content on an album. SLIM, Derrick, and Young N are Artist named in the video and who could leave out Pac and Big, two of the most controversial Rappers that ever picked up a microphone? Nice Gunz believes that his style is similar to those Rappers.

"Expect a lot of content and substance....My motivation is the struggle, the hood, the gutter. That's what I do it for. That's what I represent...... "

Nice Gunz and the RYDA MUZIK Team are planning to release Triggerz Got No Heart on dattpiff soon!