Our knee jerk reaction to all drama is in the acronym P.W.A. Pursue, Work, Acheive. We are still hard at work and there is lots on our plate, as far as task and goal go for Abornewords. Being in line with our purpose, we continue to bring you informative and entertaining content. With that in mind, we bring you some juice on tattoos which will hopefully make you ponder Artistic Expression, death, class association and a little bit of life and death. God is life! Still, there are some who profess that scripture says marking the body is actually against God's Word. The idea kind of begs the question, are tattoos associated with the underworld. Is body art really art or a way to speak and worship a different class, not dwelling among us? Hum mm? Below you will see an image of a body part. It belongs to (My Niece) Snugg (Sister of New Orleans Rapper Nice Gunz). It's her latest display of affection for the Art of tattooing.

Many supporters of the art will call Tattoos a form of self expression and a personal choice.

Others are quick to say, tatoos are associated with death.

Topman, a website specializing in bringing consumers trendy, upscale make fashion, recently featured a new brand that will hit the market soon. The brand is presented with a touch of death so to speak. Here is a look at the dishware featured in Topman's April Issue. The Editors are calling the dishware dark home wear. The cups have anatomical skulls on them like the trinket trays on display. Labeling it as a way "to bring your home to life with a touch of death" seems a bit twisted. For those interested in tattoos or those who are into dark twisted fantasies, the dishware may be an attractive addition to dinner time. We don't know if Snugg would like them but we do know that if you look close at her tattoo work, you might see a skull hidden in the first flower on her thigh.

Here is more tattoo juice for you viewing pleasure. It's New Orleans Rapper/Singer Tiffany Shante. In this image she seems to be pretty into tattoos too. Her Instagrammable look is just a tip of the iceberg. You can listen to what she says in the video here. When we commented on this share, Tiffany Shante simply responded "That's that snapchat filter lol. If you are interested in Tiffany Shante's other talent, check her out on Soundcloud. The dishware will hit the market soon so keep checking Topman for the latest. As far as the tattoo debate, you be the judge. Share your thoughts with us. That's all.