Katheryn Cryer and Jim Cryer in a scene on The Haves And The Have Nots ____ Courtesy of OWN

It is always suppose to be about the love but when thing go wrong sometimes you may have to say what Renee Lawless said in character as Katheryn Cryer. As she drove in her vehicle, the words seem to flow like a loving sentiment but when she said "call the bastard" I knew that Katheryn Cryer was not thinking about love or any sentiment that had anything to do with it. You may have felt the same way, if you were watching on last Tuesday during the episode entitled "A Tragic Day". If you were not watching, over 3.4 million viewers were and that is very big for Oprah's OWN Network.

To get you all in on this Tyler Perry Creation here is a little background on why character Katheryn Cryer may not be feeling so loving. Katheryn Cryer is a woman who seems to have it all, at least as far as material things goes. She loves to support her family, is very protective of her children and wants to keep her family together but there is turmoil brewing in her home. Take a look at the source of her discord, Jim Cryer, her husband, the one person who vowed to love, honor and cherish her.  In the photo their interaction looks confrontational. 

Jim Cryer's real name is John Schneider. What could he be doing to cause Katheryn to refer to him as the bastard? Well, you will have to watch on Tuesday Nights to find out.

In an upcoming episode entitled April 7, 1979 which airs on February 17th, Katheryn Cryer tells the story of how she met Jim Cryer.

By now you may not be feeling so loving about The Haves And The Have Nots but by the time you get intertwined with the ups and downs of those who have the finer things and those who are struggling to get there, you will be ready to tune in every week, just (if for nothing else) to see how much love is being shared between all of these very different people.

The Have And The Have Nots Series is already in its third season so if that is any indication of how we like it, we can expect to watch for many more seasons to come.  Could this be the new Knots Landing? Maybe not but it is something that will definitely keep us tuned in for the contrasting lives of the rich and the working class.

If you are a fan of this series, tell us what you think.

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