One of the greatest things I am amazed at concerning Hota Kotb, the new Co-Anchor of Today, is her ability to take on the challenge of a new high profile Professional Position (where she received media attention for being paid less than Matt Lauer) and still maintain a work /life balance while being Mommy, promoting her new children's book called I've Loved You Since Forever, and also remaining in her role with Katy Lee Gifford. I will be the first to tell you, a woman has to be driven to do all of those things and still have good hair and a pretty decent body. I share this story not only because Kotb comes from humble beginnings just like I do, being from New Orleans but to show the difference between Hota Kotb and Comedian Monique's responses to receiving less money than their peers for the roles they serve in daily. Monique took to every Social Media Channel, including Periscope requesting that her peers and fans stand with her to Boycott Netflix, after being offered $500,000 to do a Comedy Special, for which she believed she was being underpaid in comparison to Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle, citing her extensive resume as a point of reference and measuring stick for higher compensation.

Everyone will have their own reasons for supporting Monique or not. Some will refuse to miss Marlon Wayans in Naked, his new Netflix Movie. Others may tell you that streaming services like Netflix saves them money on the forever increasing cable rates. No matter what reasons are given, I respect Monique's position but I also have to commend Kotb, who gladly accepted the opportunity to serve as Co-Anchor with Savannah Guthrie once Matt Lauer stepped down amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

The comparisons about the large gap between Lauer and Kotb's salary happened too, as the media reporters pondered whether Hota would accept the role for less pay. Instead of focusing on pay, Hota Kotb focused on the opportunity and ceased it. Using myself and my own life experiences as a point of reference, I have to say that being humble sometimes means not being the loudest in the room and taking less and the low road. The blessings will come when the season is right and help will be abundant. You can watch the videos included herein in case you missed all the well wishes, rants or the raves.

That's all. Kudos....