Snugg, Sister to New Orleans Rapper Nice Gunz, usually keeps a low profile, works and is Mother to four kids. She is great at making connections with people and is able to always secure the help she needs to move forward in life. I admire her a lot and not just because she is my Niece but because she knows how to bounce back no matter what is happening in her life. That is great to see from someone who's diaper I actually changed. It's a New Orleans Tradition for Indians to Mask during the Carnival Season and there are always so many festivities happening all year long. There is a lot of work that goes into making the beautiful elaborate suits worn by Indian Tribes. Here is Snugg all suited up and hardly recognizable.

Snugg is pictured with friend Gus

L-R Gus, Jazz, Snugg

L-R Jazz (Snuggs Daughter), Snugg

Queen Snugg

Queen Snugg is dressed from head to toe in an Indian Suit she actually helped to sew and design. The head dress is a piece of the costume that gets lots of attention her top, gloves and skirt are sewn to perfection and the boots covering her muscular calves show off a hatchet design, making them a must have have for any Queen.  Here is an image showing Snugg out of her Indian Attire, having fun with friends.

It seems like Snugg knows how to keep busy and have a good time and as far as her reign as a part of an Indian Tribe, the sewing parties and preparations for next year, have probably already started. That's all. Kudos....