Contrary to what some TV fanatics believe is right, the light of the star is shining on Tika Sumpter instead of co-star Crystal R. Fox, who is best known for her role on the Crime Drama Series In The Heat Of The Night, where she played Luann Corbin, a police officer.

The two stars both have landed roles on Tyler Perry's new Series The Haves and The Have Nots. Except, Tika Sumpter seems to be out shining Fox, gaining the attention of Talk Show Host Wendy Williams.

Crystal Fox and Tika Sumpters characters are total professional opposites. Fox plays Hanna the Housekeeper, serving members of a well to do (Haves) family while Sumpter stars as a highly charged Lawyer who is doing everything she can to advance in her career, including sleeping around.

The fact that these two ladies have careers that are not equally yoked in status may be the reason that Sumpter landed a seat on Wendy's purple, interview couch. After all, Wendy Williams is a college graduate who has had quite an extensive career in Radio Broadcasting. Although, Williams uses her gift of gab to relate to all women and men, this time she is gabbing with Tika Sumpter and not Crystal Fox.

During her talk and gossip probe, Williams dug deep to find out how Tika Sumpter felt about the promiscuous nature of her Lawyer character, Candance Young. Sumpter was quick to express her lack of desire to fall into a typecast trap. She wants to have a versatile acting career.

Wendy was psyched about Tika's midriff top. The two talked boys, dating and her real life,squeaky clean, good girl image. Tika admitted she was dating but she doesn't kiss and tell. The Haves Beauty didn't name names. Besides keeping her love life a secret, Sumpter apparently does not believe in roles with a Belle & The Beast storyline, as she told Wendy Williams "If it was Happily Ever After, it wouldn't be on TV"!

No matter what we believe about why Tika Sumpter landed an interview on Wendy Williams before Crystal R. Fox, she is becoming a force to be reckoned with on Tyler Perry's Series, The Haves and The Have Nots.

Does the new Prime Time Soap Opera remind you of Knots Landing?