After Binge Watching If Loving You Is Wrong, on Oprah's Own Network, I feel pleased that Tyler Perry has not lost his writing mojo, since by all accounts Black, he is supposed to have changed sides and became alien to quite a few loyal members of his Black Audience. Now whether that means loss of creativity or abandonment of his core fan base, is left up to those doing the criticizing who harbor such feeling toward the Movie Mogul.

Courtesy of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network

The controversy surrounding Tyler Perry's choice to pen for a predominantly White Cast is on his new TLC Drama Series called To Close To Home is what is making all of his critics shout sellout from the roof tops while Perry spreads his money to more White Actors/Actresses. While the critics come out like freaks at night, spreading attitudes that tend to divide, real fans should take the high road and enjoy what Tyler Perry is putting down on If Loving You Is Wrong. It proof that Tyler Perry has not decided to abandon his mission/goals to empower and employ Blacks in Show Business. It's official, If Loving You Is Wrong Is Back. That's all.