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Think what you want to. It's your choice. All I know is that BlogXilla wants it and he wants it bad! What could I be speaking of with such passion? Well, the Relationship Section heated up and explored the Mitching Theory, on Married 2 The Blog, A Lifestyle Blog for those seeking to become one, have a significant other, or striving to maintain their relationship. Don't fall into one of those categories? Then, you are most likely just someone who loves to indulge in good writing or good reading.

Before getting into how the Mitching Theory plays into our content and BlogXilla's as well, we want to remind you that BET's The Real Husbands of Hollywood is responsible for popularizing the idea of what mitching really is. The show is showing off visual chronicles of real life issues that each of us may face in our personal and professional lives at some point with friends and coworkers. The twist, for the show, plays on Friendships and popularity and how certain characteristics fall into the Mitching Category. The content will make you laugh out loud once you hear the comical phrase "he be mitching" coming from the mouth of Mr. MVP himself, pint sized Kevin Hart.

Not so funny, if you are the woman taking offense to BlogXilla's Theory that says, good guys turn bad after a bad experience with women who see them as the Mr. Nice Guy Type, and not the man of their dreams. Do women really want a rough neck, pistol packing, three strike dude who can put it down right? Are nice guys really destined to be last in line? Do nice guys/good guys fall into the Mitch Category? You may not be ready to answer those questions just yet, so keep your response to yourself until you blast off in our comment section. By now you do, however, have enough information to be able to decide if you want to give BlogXilla a hand clap or a neck roll and a real big piece of your mind!
Barnes & NobleDon't temp me, is what you may be thinking. Try not to break your New Years Resolution and avoid those potty mouth tendencies. All is not lost for women who appreciate easy going sentimental men. Listen, you can disagree without resorting to vulgarity.

Concurring with the belief that good guys are destined to turn into misbehaved players is like saying, there is something wrong with being a nice, easy going, or what some would call whimpy, guy. In support of nice guys, there is nothing wrong with having interest that excludes fist fighting, thriller movies, and guns.

Presenting you with hard data, proving that women are still interested in nice guys, will only show what the other half thinks. I'm a part of the other percentage that supports what the skeptics find hard to believe. There are good guys out there! Author Jeff Kinney made it clear that kids and adults relate to the idea of a nice guy with his series of books entitled, Diary of A Whimpy Kid. Parents and kids alike related to the storyline so well, Hollywood jumped on board, turning the series into a big screen hit. The Diary of a Whimpy Kid Movie proves, it is okay to embrace your good guy persona, if that's you.

Discussing the topic of nice guys is something that welcomes women into the conversation, requiring that they consider what type of guy meets their needs. BlogXilla advises his readers to abide by his Love Law of Focus. We will just remind you to remember that anyone can fool themselves into believing, nice guys don't exist or that women don't really appreciate them. No matter what you believe, every guy will find themselves in a situation that requires them to show their vulnerable side. Most of time, it will happen after their behavior registers on the Foul Player Moves Radar; the violator won't mind showing it, nonetheless. Once his woman realizes her true power, he won't mind showing it often. Take notes! The showing won't be because he's showing off his player skills either, it will be because he does not want to end up in that pool with women who thinks just like he does.Do whimpy kids turn into good guys? Can a good guy win your heart and become a life partner and how does mitching play into your answer? Tell us what you think!


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