Radio Personality Wild Wayne of (Q93) is quite busy these days, with music and clubbing probably being on his fave 5 list. Don't stop there though because there is still room on that list for his family and his little Savannah is taking full advantage of her chance to bond with her father. Look at how the little darling poses with her daddy, as the camera goes snap.

Wild Wayne recently updated his website via Q93, and also has a foundation (The Benjamin Foundation) geared toward helping youth stay active using sports as a motivational tool.

Answering the phone, taking messages and producing a night show is how Wild Wayne started to find his voice and home in radio. Latesha Charbonnet Gonzales called him a true New Orleans Icon in her Artist Spotlight. Here is what else we found out about this Radio Genius and his unique voice via inthenola.

“I fell into radio by accident, thinking it was just going to be a job to get through college. But I figured out that it was something that I loved. I never really was an outspoken person, but it just kind of happened. That’s a part of my life that was really cool, having figured out my way at a relatively young age. I did go through 5 years of college before I figured it out, but at least I did figure it out"

According to Gonzales, Wild Wayne has been instrumental in helping Artist gain more popularity and acclaim, by introducing them to listeners. He has been given credit for being the first to play Bounce Music and this was before Big Freedia's rise to fame. We are talking the likes of DJ Jubilee (pictured on the far left) and TT Tucker, both well known in the 10th Ward and throughout New Orleans. Wild Wayne has been doing radio for over 20 years, according to Gonzales and the city certainly embraces him!

Industry Influence is keeping him real busy too. "It's an event happening on a monthly basis that focus on bringing professionals together" in a setting geared toward networking, knowledge building and performances from Artist. Everyone is welcome including Artist, Bloggers, A &R, media and other industry professionals who want to gain knowledge and make connections.

A future goal for Wild Wayne is to open a Youth Outreach Center so that he can expand and strengthen his community ties. To find out more about Wild Wayne and his shows tune in to his Day Party, weekdays from 2-7 pan on Q93.

Photo Credit: Instagram, InTheNola