Downtown Melbourne

Vera Bradley

Downtown Melbourne has more to offer than some travelers may think. The energy of Downtown Melbourne in Central Florida is full of cozy little shops, boutiques and eateries that make you feel like ou have uncovered a secret treasure. The beginning look of the streets found creatives and shop managers getting ready for the crowd that would soon arrive. Food vendors were cooking and peddling snacks from tables beneath tents and the streets were shaded from the morning sun. I was strictly there observing and getting a feel for the event. This was Abornewords first visit, so after I left the bench seat, all of the talented artwork being sold by vendors caught my eye. There is a lot of local talent, right here in Florida, that goes unnoticed. Wow! collectors would love a lot of the work shown at this local event.

The Brevard County Arts Festival is also a good place to look for a few special pieces to include in your home decor scheme. Believe me, once you seen some of the work on display, it will be hard to leave with purchasing something. After speaking with with a local shop owner, I realized how big hats were in Florida. She was very pleasant, and reminded me that we were the Sunshine State. Thus, hats sell well all year round in Downtown Melbourne. Hats weren't the only thing that got my attention. A local Boutique called Gloria's stole the show. The storefront window was decorated with Vera Bradley. It was all love from there. I had to go in and check out what was available. A customer service representative was kind enough to answer a few question about the brand for me. Apparently, the target market group for Vera Bradley Merchandise is far and wide. A Vera Bradley customer can range in age from 12-80, according to one sales representative. Vera Bradley has something for every area of your lifestyle. Handbags, wallets, umbrellas, iPad Covers, diaper bags, you name it and Vera Bradley is more than like Y to make it. Besides the amazing variety of colors in each item, the texture will win you over. It's soft and super durable. Vera Bradley is definitely for artsy types and over the top personalities. The line is one to consider for a splurge purchase. Visiting the food carts was inevitable for me, since I come from, a food driven culture, New Orleans. Need I say more? St. Pete's Concession Stands win hands down. Seriously, I ate the biggest burger of my life. The patty was the size of two Double Whoppers, dressed with caramelized green and red peppers, and a special hot sauce. I added my own personal touch of BBQ Sauce, and it was on from there. The only thing this burger was missing was the sesame seed bun. My experience was memorable and great. I recommend that you visit Indian River Soap Company. You can get your all natural soap cut right off the slab. Check out Downtown Melbourne's Facebook Page. Tone Loc is there with mic in hand. Yes, I left my Abornewords desk for some me time! I would love to attend your event, so invite me, and I will do everything in my power to be there myself, or send representation. Don't be surprised if you see me in your city next! October has been a busy month full of surprises. Keep it going in your home by being fun and spontaneous.

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