I'm proud to say, I attended Disney University

Training and working at Disney gave me an opportunity to incorporate my Customer Service, Merchandising and People Skills into an Entertainment Environment that attracts billions of people and families every year. I transitioned what I have done while working in the Medical, Retail and Grocery fields to make contributions that helped me to serve Disney Guest and it was all about The Disney Way. At Winn Dixie, Walgreens, Disney and Best Buy, there is one common thread of concern that never changed. There was always a major focus on Safety and Loss Prevention. I am proud to say I attended Disney University. Yes, it is a real place! At all these established company’s it is important to maintain a clean and safe work environment for the Customers and guest who frequent them and equally as important to ensure the safety of workers who help to keep day to day operations rolling.

At Disney, Safety First is a <a href="http://disneyatwork.com/disneys-four-keys-to-a-great-guest-experience/#comment-34221">The Disney Way and one of the four keys</a> (courtesy, show, and efficiency) and I have never forgotten those two little words. Believe me, I never realized just how much Safety can affect the guest experience until I read an article written by a Loss Control Interest Group. In it the Authors wrote about natural disasters like what has happened in the state of Texas, evacuations similar to what happens when an event is interrupted with fire. resulting in a need for expeditious exits.  Loss as a result of violence was even included to show another variable which could result in loss of income, life or property.  The article on loss prevention shed light on how random loss can happen for those who perform at events and those who attend them. Unplanned events at concerts, sporting events and festivals can happen at the drop of a hat. It is obvious, there is no way around loss so being prepared for unplanned events and anticipated loss is what will keep you ahead of the game when you have something to loose.  

Having the proper procedures, action plans, and insurance in place can make all the difference on the bottom line. Remember what happened recently in Ohio when the ride malfunctioned? Thinking of Loss Prevention and Loss Control begs the question. How do we prevent and control loss? Finally, there is much to be said for keeping about the those who keep financial and reputational risk, under control. That's all Kudos....