Green Giants Encouragement

Association can take you places. Green Giant & Veggies, Blue Ivy Carter & Little Boy Blue (and people) Wendy Williams & Wonder Woman. We will explain more later but for now, we will tell you more about The Green Giant. It's not what we would call a health kick. General Mills is not calling it that either. Yes, Green Giant is one of the brands successful products. Although, most of you will associate General Mills with their popular Honey Nut Cheerios, the brand is bringing The Green Giant out of the valley to encourage healthy lifestyle changes.

We want to tell you about an exciting event that will help you to get your kids attention and also encourage better eating habits throughout your household. The Green Giants popularity helped to change the company's name (Minnesota Valley Canning Co.). Surely, it is likely that the Giant has enough power left in him to help you get your house in order, in the food section. What is the Green Giant up to? Well, it's the One Giant Pledge! No. There isn't any money involved. You don't have to pledge to give a monetary value. You do (however) have to make a commitment to eat better for 30 days. Specifically, one more vegetable per day for an entire 30 days. This could work in a good way. Big time! Associating a character with veggies is akin to cartoons. It will get children's attention very easily.

The whole campaign has the Abornewords team thinking of Little Baby Blue. When Blue Ivy Carter was born, the shocker really happened when her famous parents named her Blue. The speculation surrounding her name started and one idea stuck out like a thorn on a rose. Almost immediately, the association between words and rhyme with Little Boy Blue . Who didn't hear that nursery rhyme as a child or actual read it? Although, we know that nursery rhymes will never really equal most of the ingenious lines of her Rapper Daddy, it's the association idea that will stay with a lot of fans forever. The association adds greater meaning to Blue Ivy Carter's identity, like we believe Green Giant's Character existence does for vegetables.

The new marketing campaign launched in the name of the frozen vegetables is designed to make eating vegetables more fun. That carries over the same message as Michelle Obamas White House Garden and Let's Move. Fresh is best! The next level of good is frozen, when your vegetables do not come from the ground. Green Giant is going to change some lives. The idea of the character softens up the idea of what eating healthy means. The existence of the character also gives everyone something to look forward too. A new way of introduction to lifestyle changes, by using a short term goal of 30 days. No the Green Giant is not just for kids! He's for everyone who can appreciate a helping hand. The Green Giant is for the person that needs a little encouragement. The argument will always be there for those critics who insist on putting labels and limits on what is considered out of range for adults. Who cares about those skeptics who refuse to believe on a higher level? The fact that they are missing out on something that can not be measured in a physical capacity is their loss.

Wendy Williams made Super Hero's cool for so many adults when she revealed how much she loved Wonder Woman. There are not many parents today who didn't watch Wonder Woman at some point. The lasso slinging Queen is classic just like The Jolly Green Giant and his ho, ho, ho. The talk surrounding the new campaign has the word comeback attached to the Green Giants name. Thinking of it as a way to encourage lifestyle changes seems more permanent. Something that should last long after the commercials end. Unleash Your Inner Giant is another campaign scheduled to follow the One Giant Pledge. Be on the look out for the latest.

Association will probably make everyone remember the Carters forever. It is putting Wonder Woman in the face of Wendy Williams viewers every time she sips from her decorated coffee mug. Who can doubt that the power of association will not work to bring the Green Giant into our homes and encourage us to eat better? Is it you or the rebellious teenager who believes as the skeptics do? The Green Giant is scheduled to appear at Grand Central Station in New York City on Oct 2nd. A Green Screen is supposed to be involved to make the larger than life character seem even more spectacular! We will be on the look out for the footage and photos.

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