Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a vital aspect of business. It involves being attentive to the clients needs before, during and after a transaction takes place. The numbers listed by research firm Gartner, in Website Magazine are proof that companies are going the extra mile, to support and appease customers, in order to promote healthy relationships. The facts: Revenue topped "$20 billion dollars" last year and analyst are predicting large increases this year.

Scott Yancey, Star of A&E's Flipping Vegas, and his wife Amie apparently realize how important managing relationships is because they're using years of Professional Experience, to help encourage students to think like wealthy people, as they embark on building the knowledge and skills needed, to recognize Real Estate Deals.

Success in Real Estate can mean financial freedom, when it's done right. Many experts will probably agree that taking action is the first step toward achieving success, in the Real Estate Market.  Scott and Amie Yancey partnered with other Professionals like Lynn Adler, to offer Educational Training through their brainchild, Abundance Edu.

I was invited to attend a plus one event at the Hilton Rialto, in Melbourne, Florida so I dressed to impress and was thrilled to get out of the house for something other than work, exercise or grocery shopping. Here's what happened! Everyone was seated individually, and I felt extra special while being escorted to my seat. Pictures were not allowed inside of the room but by the time all the positive messages started flashing on the overhead screen, I was to focused to worry about pictures, anyway. I couldn't wait until everyone was seated so that our first speaker could begin to share the benefits of the 3 Day Retreat Training, so I sat upright and waited with anticipation.

"The harder you work on yourself, the easier things become"
"Never wish things were easier, wish you were better"
"If you can dream you can do it"

As those messages flashed on the screen before me, I believe I heard Best Day Of My Life playing in the background and I knew that I would remember this April Fools Day forever. Once the speaker (Lynn Adler) began, he did not want us to focus on answering questions like "Why are you here" Instead, he encouraged us to consider how learning the knowledge and skills shared, during the Retreat could help us become successful. Thinking like the wealthy means asking how much a deal can make you and not how much you have to spend to accomplish it, said Adler.

Home Appreciation numbers have rose in Brevard County approximately 10%, according to data shared during the event. If that is not enough to convince you,  here are a few benefits you can expect to receive, if you decide to attend one of Yancey's Training Events

  • Learning To Use The Deal Desk, as an informative Resource
  • How To Put Property Under Contract using contingencies (stipulations)
  • The importance of performing due diligence (making good assessments)
  • Buying Low and Selling Low (At Wholesale)
  • Having the luxury of using Funding for deals (provided by the organization)

Adler, stressed one idea in particular, "never buy a property with negative cash flow" and he also guaranteed at least 12 months of unlimited support from the entire Abundance Edu Organization which consists of a Training Division and an Asset Division. Those who decide to attend the Real Estate Training would not only get help completing their first deal, they would also learn how to buy Tax Liens and how to make healthy investments. It sounded like wealth building was inevitable to me.

I felt honored to attend this very informative event.

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*Participants are not limited to purchasing or selling in one vicinity