We told you that in New Orleans for the Jazz Festival it is just as much about the food as it is the music. These festival attendees make that point very clear, as they share food favorites tastebud love.

Now for a rundown of a few popular acts caught by the Nola Website. Bruce Springsteen performed some 24 hits during his set which had to be extended. Springsteen performed Dancing In the Dark, O' Mary Don't You Weep, and Wrecking Ball. Now we know where Miley Cyruss got her inspiration.

Trey Songz fans were not playing around either, They were not above staking out and claiming their spot in the sun. "He is the best whern he's whipping female fans into a frenzy" reported

Susan Langenhennig (Times Picayune). Apparently seeing his abs always has something to do with their response.

Mary Mary electrified the Gospel Tent! The sister, sister duo have a way with words and their soulful verbage alwys get hands clapping and feet jumping. Andrew Adler reported "they provoke a response" that makes audience members want to participate in song.

Since we started with food we want to end that way. Kelis is proving that she is a survivor with her latest Food Album and her unique way of combining her love of food with the concept and direction of her new album.

With songs like Hooch, Kelis finds new life in on the mic. Melodies are in tune, reminding us of the Bee Gees (Staying Alive) as the horns blare through her smooth vocals, filled with ah's and oh's. The relief of her union with song is evident.

Yes we are loving how she has us feeling by the time Cobbler plays in the shuffle of her 13 songs. Kelis sings "Oh baby you got me feeling like a holiday, here in your arms it's like a get away" Is it destined to become a classic vacation song? Will you be hearing it on cruise ships everywhere? We think it is highly likely, even if it is on the tablets, iphones, and ipods of passengers.

Cobbler is the new level of happy and its confirmation that being in love is okay. This is filled with hits that you will love! From her Breakfast Song to her Biscuits & Gravy love concoction. you will be hypnotized into romantic conversation and long rendezvous.

Get ready to be taken for a real creative Rock Star Ride! Saying she's R&B makes me think not so much. Her delivery is too smooth and controlled but Rock & Roll or Smooth Rock may be more fitting. We won't tell you anymore right now because the groove of what we have to say might be too much for you to handle.

With that we give you Kelis' Bless The Telephone! Tell us if it reminds you of the Pina Colada Song. Bless The Telephone is such a delicacy. Enjoy!