Okay it's official, Kanye's Blackskin Heads is taking over! Kanye went hard on SNL (Saturday Night Live) using body language as he rapped hard like a Rockstar handling the mic like a true Hip-Hop Artist should under the circumstances. His performance most likely made many of Hip-Hops most passionate lyricist want to lay down. He owned that stage in the most intimate way! Ooo wee is how we can describe how much he scored with his very demonstrative performance. In the same vein of addictive types of scores, Checking out an event being hosted by, one of our favorite black skinheads, Shaquille O'Neil may be a lot of fun.

Yes, It's going down tonight in Miami. It's the Eastern Conference Finals Kick off Party and Shaq is hosting it! We will not be surprised is Shaq decides to hit the dance floor at some point. Remember his dance off with Dwight Howard? The party kicks off at 10pm tonight and is expected to go hard until way past dawn at Bamboo. If yo are up for some fun in the sunshine, go out and check out the action. It's all love, partying, and basketball fun! Be there! Don't let your girls and the fellas have to tell you how much fun they had. Second hand accounts is good for storytelling, sometimes. Good enough is actually being there!

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