Essence Festival, the very familiar Social Entertainment Event, is something New Orleans Residents and tourist alike have grown accustomed to attending every year. Although ticket packages start at $130 dollars, there are plenty of events offered by Essence that include Business Leaders, Celebrities, and other Professionals too which are open to the public at no cost.

Essence gives members of the community a reason to come together, be social, and a good time in the process. Take a look at two well known Celebrities scheduled to appear!

On Independence Day we are in for a treat on Family Reunion Day. Empowerment talks coming from Master P a self made millionaire is sure to motivate and encourage attendees. Real change often happens more naturally in impoverished neighborhoods when there are examples of others who have made it out of the gutter. Master P. and others like him are the success stories!

Romeo has had privileges that his father could only dream of at his age. Master P. is a former resident of the Calliope Housing Project in New Orleans, La. After he inked his million dollar deal with Universal, his life changed for the better. We do not have a list of his talking points, but you can bet that he will share the story of his early years leading up to his Celebrity Status. The lesson is, take notes, if you are lucky enough to be there.