The Hip Hop Awards happened on Octcober 14th and we loved watching every freakin' minute of it! The fact that Uncle Snoop hosted it with a dose of California Gangster and many hits of comedy is all we needed to LOL (laugh out loud) while being entertained.

The highlight of the night for many ladies and gentlemen alike was seeing Mimi Faust get her shine on in the spotlight. She looked Porn Girl Pretty, in her jumpsuit and super high heels, as she sat with Snoop, showing off her sense of humor. Snoop joked about wanting to participate in a sequel of her widely acclaimed Sex Tape, so his shower cap humor made her the but of the joke. Watch as Mimi Faust talks about a children's apparel line, home accessories and an upcoming book release.

Mimi Faust seems to be really busy and we are extremely happy that she has been able to focus on how to keep those checks coming. Now our attention here at Abornewords has to shift to The NOLA Awards and a new NOLA Cypher featuring quite a few Artist who have a lot to say. Here is a list of all the Award Categories

The NOLA Awards will take place on the evening of October 25th 2014, at the Joy Theater. We can not wait to share our favorite winners with you! Congratulations to all the nominees. Check out a new NOLA Cypher featuring some New Orleans Talent that you should not miss!

Can't be there this year? Plan for the 2015 Award Show!

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