There are a few things that people in the city know how to do well. First, they know how to shop for brand name clothes. Second, they know how to stunt a lot ( #1 stunter). Last but not least, they know how to party hard!

New Orleans, The Big Easy, or what ever you want to call it, is known for it's party scene. From hole in the wall clubs to spots in the French Quarter. There is always some hot spot jumping somewhere in the city.

New Orleans Artist and Residents will be partying in a day or so at the Nola Hip-Hop Awards. Yes, yes y'all B.E.T. had their show, then The Hip-Hop Awards happened. Next up, The Nola Hip-Hop Award Show!

It's a beautiful thing to see that New Orleans is calling their own shots and acknowledging talent for the many talented Artist who are dreaming big dreams and hoping for a chance to be recognized. It nothing new either. This is actually the fourth annual show. Check out a snippet video that surfaced on the Nola Hip Hop Awards Instagram Page.

Hottest song is only one of about 21 categories featuring potential Nola Award Winners. We featured the Hottest Song Snippet because we love The Rap Packs "Black Women" song. Kidd Kidd is competing for Hottest Male Artist and 3D Natee is a top contender for Hottest Female Artist. The Rap Pack may also take home The Hottest Group Award. I guess it might be obvious where our vote would have went, if voting had not ended on October 20th. If you missed the deadline too, there is always next year. The Hottest Album category is one that has many fans excited because Artist put so much time and effort into their projects. After all the great work Blaq N Mild puts in, it's not a surprise that he is rumored to be a fan favorite. We love what he did for the GI Peachez and Ayo Princess collaboration on Ponde River.  He deserves to win the Hottest Bounce Mix DJ Nola Award. Everything he works on sounds so sweet.  Check out a Podcast where the bounce sound takes over as he shouts out Wards and ultimately the city of New Orleans.

Enjoy the sound of that Blaq N Mild Bounce Mix as the anticipation builds for the Winner Announcements for Hottest Male Vocalist, Hottest Videograher, Hottest Video, and Hottest Website! Let's work to get to know all of these talented Artist and the many many more coming out of New Orleans. Check out the Nominees and Categories Here