Businesses and brands are taking advantage of every opportunity to create more brand awareness for the product(s) they sell or offer. Just recently, I attended The Small Business Expo her in Melbourne, Fl. and learned about quite a few businesses and products being offered locally and online in the digital space. I was pumped about attending this event because Sahara Rose, a brand I tested at The French Film Festival was participating so I went out to show support and I purchased the Sahara Rose Argan Oil, to use on my hands and arms. The Rose Water Mist is another product that caught my attention; it would be very useful as a facial mist for refreshing purposes. It does not contain alcohol like some facial mist do so you may want to add this one to your beauty routine.

Sahara Rose is using an approach similar to the Jani Marini Brand which is offered to specific target market groups at a Wellness Center in Viera where Stephanie Haridopolos practices. Sahara Rose is targeting Salons and Spas for product placement/positioning. Seeking promotional opportunities from Licensed Professionals is what will make a brand even stronger on the market. Just think about it, when a Licensed Professional believes in a brand clients are more likely to get on board with trying it out. Sample campaigns work effectively in this situation too. Other brands and businesses that caught our attention are listed below.

  • Tupperware- Contact Gail Griffiths at 321-259-4919 or visit for the moments that make you Mom
  • The Fix Therapy & Wellness Center
  • Sorelli Hair Studio & Spa
  • Mary Kay 
  • Star Staff Inc.
  • doTerra (Essential Oils)
  • Crafting Education
  • Noi Caffe visit
  • Signature Homestyles
  • Scentsy visit

Small Business Expos, conferences and local events are a great way to get your brand in front of consumers who may want to buy right away or at a later date. If you are working independently with a company like Gail Griffiths who sells Tupperware, the platform can mean new customers and more profits for you. That's all. Kudos....