CNN Image of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan

There is a lot of people, places and things for Bloggers to focus on. Much of what I shared recently has been concerned with commentary amid the likes and shares. Still, Blogging is one of the gifts that allows me to entertain and share information. Today, I watched the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan play out on CBS with Gail King and it was fascinating to watch since there was much inclusion. A Black Priest, Gospel Choir, and the Cellist were all representing the type of diversity we are use to seeing here in America. The Groom and Bride both looked like royalty but Meghan and the simple makeup she wore really caught my attention. The carriage ride made me think about the horse and carriage that transports guest throughout the French Quarters in my hometown in New Orleans. A major highlight of the media coverage I can not forget are the hat changes made by Gail King. Those changes put my personal and professional career into perspective because I wear many hats. I'm a Mother, Granny, Business Woman, Blogger, Insurance Agent, and the list goes on. What can I say; I wear many hats. 

That's all. Kudos...

Photo Credt: CNN, CBS