The Nola Awards look huge and glamorous enough for the Big Stars up to receive them! Showing off their talent, holding mics, flowing verses, earfuls of mixes, hustlers on the grind, those grinding to a beat, and comedians, all have a chance to take home the gold and black.

The Soulja Slim Award Presentation may be the most coveted award of the night. It will undoubtedly be the highlight of the night for fans, friends, and family. GI Peachez even released photos from The Soulja Slim Birthday Celebration on her Facebook Page. Judging from their dedication to his birthday, we are guessing that we can look for some type of special celebration every year in honor of the Soulja Slim Award.

GI Peachez did not confirm that see would be attending the Nola Award Show. She did however release a verse on one of her GI Fridays called No Nomination. Was it her way of throwing salt? We don't really think she meant it in that way. Since she only just recently released her Recognition Mixtape, feeling snubbed would sort of be premature. We are sure that she has a shot at getting nominated next year.

For now, with her latest GI Friday release, we believe she is focusing on marking this glorious occasion with a Soulja Slim Tribute. Take a listen and feel free to upload your Nola Hip Hop Award photos to our Facebook Page. Soon we will be buzzing about our favorite winners! Keep coming back for more.