Do you know a Social Psychologist who struggled with feeling like she belonged who actually became a Professor and used an experiment to determine if our body language has the power to shape who we are and how others see us? I do and when we met, it was the oddest interaction ever. Here is how it happened. My Insurance Training started out as usual with me getting settled in and prepared to listen and learn from my Trainer through verbal like lectures or reading course material aloud and non verbal which could be reading the material silently or watching videos or reviewing Power Points or something else. I never expected that my Trainer Anthony would be the person who confirmed the power of non verbal communication, something that is certainly how I communicate a lot of times.

What are high power poses and low power poses and how does testosterone and cortisol get into that mix? Amy Cuddy answers that and more by talking about body language and how it can tell others a lot about us, even if we are not speaking. What are we doing with our bodies, according to Cuddy can affect how we think and feel. Do we feel powerful or less powerful? The Social Psychologist believes we are influenced by non verbals. Therefore non verbal expressions of power and dominance can change the way others see us, the we should do just what Cuddy suggest in this video. You to have probably heard the phrase, fake it till you make it. Faking it can be done very easily too, especially if we have a goal or want to achieve a desired outcome. Cuddy has a message that is a bit different and yet the same. Fake it till we become it!

My Trainer Anthony decided that everyday we would choose a song and do power poses as the music played every morning when we arrived to work. We could select songs for the exercise and I choose one from Kelis called "Til The Wheels Fall Off" when it was my turn. Kelis is another one of my favorite people. Though she is not always in the news or featured here on Abornewords. The "Telephone" Singer is always making herself bigger and more powerful. It shows in her style from hair color and hair styles to clothing and her presence on stage. She does not dance much ad still commands attention with her music. Showing her dominance and leaving a mark on fans seems to come easy to the LA Mom. Enjoy the Ted Talk and when you have time listen to Wheels Fall Off Again. Below is an image of a style Kelis was rocking recently.