He's known for his relationship advice and smooth style used in Blogger Chatter to relate to his Sexual Intellectuals on Married 2 the Blog. Look how BlogXilla put his words into action a skip back when he was rockin' long braids, a workmans flannel shirt, and a pair of Tims (not shown here).

Even though BlogXilla has no problem showing off his swag while interviewing hot Celebs of today, he can also bring out the crazy from time to time. Here's what I mean. When a holla turns into romance, things can get rough and serious.

BlogXilla had something special waiting for his followers/fans on his tumblr page, Here's what he created Yes, it's an ask Xilla Anything Page! Now some will say he's being a hopeless romantic, others will say he's starving for attention, then, there will be those who call this move dangerously crazy because of all the negative attention he could attract. We believe BlogXilla is capable of handling himself but just think of all the Celebrity Stalking Cases and all the wild questions some fans will be typing his way. BlogXilla may get more than he bargained for with this one! What y'all think? Looking on the bright business side of this, we could conclude that BlogXilla will create more engagement for his fanbase. Well it's back to business for us. Don't miss our next update!