Before we began year 2014 everyone was praising Rolling Stone for showing us how talented R Kelly really is, featuring the Black Panties Singer in a video creating potential songs from buzz words. Then, just recently we learned that Rolling Stone had been scoring points all along with their move to give Rick Ross his own Advice Column. That's right! Fans are emailing the Rapper for advice at, his own email address. No matter how wonderful that sounds, the legitimacy of his A's (answers) are being questioned.

While suspicions arise concerning Rick Ross' real boss status, 50 Cent is proving that he is truly about his business. With his "Animal Ambition Album" in the cooker and his Power Series about to blow, he's keeping very busy. No one seems to be questioning his Executive Mind, at present time. 50 Cent is doing this while his haters wonder what he is going to do next. Take a look!

Women are always wondering how to get more creative with their gifts for their significant others. Fragrances are usually an instant go to but often fall into the typical category____ like razors, slippers, pajamas, and socks. There's hope for you yet ladies. You need a side of fries to present with that fragrance gift. A combo gift is just the thing, to spruce up your gift giving. Headphones are a great side order and they will make your fragrance gift seem more practical. Even, if your guy is not really into music. He can use them, when he is streaming movies or enjoying podcats and webinars.

One fun fact is Former Senator Mike Haridopolus was my Political Science Professor.

Photo credit: Smoking Section, Broken Cool, Esquire