Okay so now that we are preparing ourselves for the reruns of the B.E.T. Awards, it may be an ideal time to focus on what beverages you like to drink when you are enjoying your favorite award shows. We are not encouraging anyone to be couch potatoes or to snack and drink uncontrollably. Still, think about this!

How many times have you wanted to just have a cold beer after a long days work or have seen someone on televison doing just that? For those of you 21 year old and over, a cold beer or a keg may do it for you during your Award Show Watch Party with friends and family. Still, there are so many options out there depending on your personal preference and alcohol is not your only option, according to John Carroll.

Check out how one Coca Cola Executive connects beverage and occasion for an intriguing look at a good marketing mindset can change what you purchase and drink while watching Award Shows. When sipping on a beverage seems appropriate here's what Mr. Carroll has to say.

I really enjoyed hearing John Carroll Executive Perspective on beverages. One of my duties while working the Front End Counter on 3rd shift was to fully fill the Coca Cola Cooler located near the exit. MY boss, at the time was very meticulous about how employees approached this task. It had to be done right, rotations and all.

If you are working in retail, I hope this helps to give you a different outlook. If you are having watch parties with friends and family, tell us what beverages are a must have.