Doing business requires direction. It's the reason a business plan is necessary. Understanding where you are and what goals you have is essential. I am proud to say, I have written a business plan. It helped me to be tedious about what I was doing and to set goals, creating vision for where I am headed in the future, clearly defining my expectations and what I needed as it relates to materials, equipment and finances. The great thing about having Business Plan is, it can be revived to include progress, changes or even evaluations on performance. My Business Plan helped me to define my vision and purpose for Abornewords. This year brought new changes mainly in my intention to build brand loyalty through offering gifts or prizes. In addition to our new loyalty program, we are working to create jobs for everyone across the globe by providing opportunities to freelancers who want to earn extra income. Our jobs will be listed on our Abornewords Facebook Page until we complete our basic application document which will result in us adding a link on our site in a few months. Being an entrepreneur requires flexibility because things can change at any given time. It's the reason we operate as a subsidiary of Halal Marketing Enterprises. Remember, there is no i in team.

We are still committed to sharing informative and entertaining content. Today it's all about the Elevator Pitch and creating brand awareness. We hope you enjoy the episode. I know I did and The Butler Life seems pretty practical.