We got the green light here in Florida! The minimum wage just went up to $8.05 cents, as of January 1st. That is great compared to some states like Louisiana and Georgia whose minimum wage is still $7.25 cents an hour.

In larger states like California, we expect the minimum wage to be higher, more because of the cost of living and not size. Nationally, some 20 states will raise their minimum wage in 2015, according to recent media coverage. Still, it seems that more states should get on board with paying higher wages. In all fairness, we must recognize that there are many employers who actively pay their employees well above the minimum wage and also factor in experience and education to offer a competitive wage.

Right now Washington State has the highest minimum wage, starting employees at $9.50 per hour. That may sound like plenty to workers who have not reached the $8 dollar mark. Many citizens still wonder if more should be done and I am one of them.

Elizabeth Lo's documentary called Hotel 22 was shown at the Sundance Film Festival. The documentary chronicles a city bus which is transformed into an unofficial shelter for the homeless. In Silicon Valley, one of the richest areas in the United States, being homeless is still a major issue for many Americans.

I'm so pleased that Elizabeth Lo is calling attention to an issue that plagues many families today. We do not have to look outside of the United States to find that type of poverty, hunger and homelessness is often right outside our doors.

Hotel 22 is a Documentary that is about 8 minutes long and watching should create the type of consciousness to spur us into action. Fix someone a plate, drop some change into a can, leave a bigger tip, or just offer someone a sandwich. You do not have to believe that homelessness directly correlates to hourly pay rates but it is still a valid issue to consider.

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