Layaways are a retail sales innovation that is just like a charge card for many Americans who want to ensure that their favortie products eventually end up in their homes/on their bodies.

No they don't get to immediately posses their coveted item(s) but they do get the immediate satisfaction of knowing that it will happen sooner than later. There is also a definite goal that has been set and a plan of action. Though the practice is fading fast, the choice seems like the best option when finances are limited. Except, many higher end stores do not offer layaways and instead give consumers a chance to apply for branded credit cards____ like we do at Best Buy Stores.

Let's access what we know and then I will share a great service that I believe you will love, especially if you love shopping and buying the best brands. We know that layaways are a fading option for purchasing products we love, and branded credit cards are options offered by Best Buy and many other retailers. We also know that consumers will find value in options that allow them to own their favorite products.

Today we want to share with you a service offered by The Real Real. Yes, that's the name and it has nothing to do with The Real Talk Show appearing on B.E.T. either.

The Real Real offers luxury consignment services, allowing sellers to acquire 60-70% of sales transactions. There is even white glove pick up available in 16 states. The rest of us lucky luxury owners will have to mail our items, then the fun happens. They get authenticated and then put up for sale. According to The Real Real Website, items usually sell in 2-3 days. You can request a Consignment Kit here. I just received mine and here is what's in it! (photo shows contents)

  • An item list sheet
  • A partial list of accepted designers (full list here)
  • Consignment Instructions
  • Free adhesive shipping label

That's not all folks! Consigning 10 or more items on your first listing will earn you a $100 gift card to Saks Fifth Avenue.

Its a viable way to earn cash for your slightly used or should I speak in The Real Real Language, items in pristine condition. What are you waiting for? Make room for new luxury scores in your clothing closet, shoe closet and jewelry box.

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