There are so many executives and consumers alike who may see door to door sales as tired, outdated or all so passe. Sure, the days of door to door sales may be few and far etween but every now and then in city neighborhoods, you will still see an ice cream truck, a van, or even a station wagon rolling through peddling goodies of some sort. Snacks, clothing, watermelon, fruits, veggies, and even seafood can be purchased right outside your door. All you have to do is listen for the bell or the salesman call blaring from the blow horn.

Mobile vendors are making their presence known, the sales are adding up, and their sales pitches do not have to be well thought out or complicated.

Usually when consumers come out of their home, they are ready to spend money. Of course, one hurdle to overcome these days is gas prices. Since prices can go as high as $5 a gallon in some areas depending on the economy, overhead cost are something that mobile vendors have to consider when creating pricing strategies that product a profit.

For Agents, selling products and service like electronic processing equipment, POS Systems (point of sale) systems, and transaction gateways, the sales pitch and presentation seem to require an initial investment that would include a profession work setting and an expense account.

The targeted market segment for potential clientele is home businesses or small to medium sized businesses. Sales Agents face different challenges than Mobile Vendors even though the pitch can be outside of residential neighborhoods, in some instances. For one, their sales pitch must convince clients to switch Credit Card Processing Service Providers. Newly established businesses in commercial areas or home based businesses seem to be the ideal candidate to pitch to, but locating these clients seems far fetched.

Updating POS Equipment is certainly something for business owners to think about in light of efficiency and also just to stay updated with the best technology. Potential clients need to be interested and willing to listen. That's where the issue of pitch comes in. The Sales Agent has to broaden his/her insight as to pitch and presentation. Will Agents rent space to hold a conference and invite businesses owners? Will Agents lease their own office space or ban together and share expenses? Will they wine and dine potential clients? What tactics will they use outside of dressing for success? Believe me there are a mountain of ways to initiate an approach and win over clients but they all require an investment, if you do not want to look lame.

Sales Agent Jobs seem to be more appropriate for someone who has established some type of financial stability. Otherwise, the payoff does not seem lucrative, especially since the Sales Agent livelihood depends on commission earnings.

On the other hand thinking in terms of networking, conferences, parties, or other events, it may be a great way to be heard. Interacting in a room full of people and exchanging business cards opens the door of opportunity to creating awareness for what the Sales Agent has to offer.

The Sales Agent Position sounds a little more fancy than Mobile Vendor, but when you are considering the immediate payoff, the Mobile Vendors money bag may fill a lot quicker than the one belonging to the Sales Agent one who has not made a major investment or the right connections.

Although, the Sales Agent could stand to make a lot more money from commissions and the percentages gained from merchant sales, the Sales Agent Position seems a lot less stable than the Mobile Vendors, as far as cash flow is concerned.

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In Florida, those responsibilities fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Business and Professional Regulations, which monitors and issues licenses to lodging partners (hotels, motels, bed and breakfast inns, and dwellings), free-standing restaurants, fast food services, mobile units/food trucks, and bars that serve food."