Social Media populariezed in the era we are living in and much has changed in the way we consume and share content. No longer are we limited by the confines of TV Commercials or Celebrities. In fact, thanks to You Tube, we can create our own advertisements, promotions and creative shares that not only share our expertise but connect us to those outside of our own circle. While working as a Customer Service Professional, I read about American Spirit changing the language on their packaging to ensure consumers were aware and informed concerning the language on their packaging which created some confusion because natural and organic was used and some consumers believed this meant healthier or at least safer.

Fast forward to 2019 in January and we began following the new legislation laws passed requiring the legal age for restricted sales products to be 21. That meant all tobacco products,e-cigarettes, lighters and more. Needless to say those who had just reached the age of 18 were not to happy with these changes, especially the smokers. In my role, I try to be understanding while following the law and company policy using the skills I have learned to deal with difficult customers who may be resistant when asked to comply with legalities.

Whatever role you are serving in, always be willing to do what you can to take what you do to the next level and create awareness whenever you can.  Blogging has helped me to take what I do to the next level since I get to share my knowledge and expertise, my experiences in the workforce and also a bit of my personality, as I share in the digital space.  When I started supplementing my income working seasonally selling Health and Ancillary Insurance, I took Negotiation Training, earning credentials which increased my user status in our internal system and provided me with valuable skills in dealing with customers or prospects seeking insurance.  I learned about concessions, why they are important and how to use them properly.  After I became a Flex Job worker making deliveries, I created a persona called AfroGirl  to continue creating awareness with the photos I create, as I chart my Delivery Journey throughout my local area and started a another Blog called Blogger Quotes dedicated to creating awareness Bloggers because what we do everyday matters.  I want the businesses and the people I serve to know I care about what I do because the smallest things can become treasures, when handled and presented properly.  I make it a point to follow and share one or more pages created by my Employers because I want to be aware.  I want to know and participate in creating awareness and continuing to grow our imprint and impact.  I visit our competitors to see what they are doing or not.  I make it a point to buy/support the businesses I work for because they supply my paycheck!  No matter what you do, try to stay informed and engaged and grow by watching webinars, taking classes or continuing education courses while staying engaged!  You will be glad you did. 

What are you doing to take what you do to the next level?