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Ooey gooey, for as long as we can remember, pizza has always been associated with fun.  From movie night to the cafeteria lunch room, pizza creates feelings of euphoria and can't wait attitudes for children who are ready to take a bite.  Yummy yummy!  We have good news for all the moms out there who love to prepare meals in 30 minutes or less.  Recently, Michelle Obama sat down with Dr. Oz or chat about Let's Move and mealtime. Those important topics that make up a recurring theme of conversation, during most interviews with the First Lady.  The First Lady also expressed her intention to make sure healthy eating is associated with fun.  Pizza Night is a part of the First Family's Menu too.  Let's not forget to include a dose of healthy.  Veggies and salads are accompanying side dishes, according to Michelle Obama.  If Pizza Night is something you enjoy in your own home too, we have good news for you. Annie's Homegrown Pizza  is kicking off their Slice of Happiness Tour. Annie's is bringing the flavor of homegrown to your town. That's not all either! Annie's Homegrown Pizza will also be coming to a freezer near you. This National Launch will position Annie's Homegrown Pizza in the grocers freezer at some of your favorite grocery shopping spots. We will not bother to list them all, but we will provide you with the dates for the Slice of Happiness Tour. Still, check the events calendar in your local area for specific details.

Here are the dates:
Sept. 29-30/ San Francisco Bay Area
Oct. 5-7/ Denver, Co.
Oct. 10/ Des Moines
Oct. 12-13/ Chicago, Illinois
Oct. 16-17/ Cincinnati, OH
Oct. 20-21, 23/ New York, NY
Oct. 24-25/ New Haven, CT
Oct. 27-28/ Philadelphia, PA
Oct. 31, Nov. 2/ Atlanta, GA
Nov. 3-4/ Nashville, TN
Nov.7-8/ Minneapolis, MN
Nov. 14-16/ San Francisco Bay Area

Pizza is not only good for Movie Night or weekly fun dinners. What about date night or your splurge after a month long commitment to saying away from ice cream. However you choose to create balance in your home menu, pizza sounds like a good treat all of the time. Overall, we want to encourage you to attend this great event in celebration of the national launch while also reminding you that healthy eating does not have to mean giving up the good stuff. Annie's Homegrown Pizza is made with organic ingredients and natural meat toppings. Keep checking for it during your shopping trips.

Annie's is " a leading provider of natural and organic alternatives to traditional comfort foods, catering to pizza fans and families who seek better-for-you options, but are not willing to sacrifice exceptional taste.

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